Salish Seafoods

Located on Hartstine Island, Salish Seafoods is owned and operated by the Squaxin Island Tribe. Known as “The People of the Water”, our people have enjoyed and respected the far southern reaches of the Salish Sea for untold centuries. With access and ownership of Squaxin Island, the tribe combines a deep sense of respect and stewardship of the pristine tidelands and waterways providing rich nutrients essential to superior shellfish producing. Growing oysters, clams and geoduck is not only a science, but an important element of heritage held close by the tribes indigenous to this area. Manila clams and wild caught salmon are purchased directly from members of the Squaxin Island Tribe.

Salish Seafoods markets both single oysters in the shell and hand shucked, packed oyster meat from the popular x-small to jumbo grades and oyster meats from x-small to large.

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Salish Seafoods is available at Kamilche Trading Post and Steamboat Trading Post.

Please contact in advance to see what fresh seafood is available in-store.


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