Skookum Creek Tobacco



•  11 Exceptional styles and flavors
•  Hard pack 100’s and Kings
•  Roll-Your-Own available in full flavor and menthol

Cut from premium high quality tobacco, Complete offers a comprehensive blend that pleases the palate.  Available in a full line of styles and flavors, Complete provides smokers with an unrivaled sense of satisfaction without the outrageous expense.



•  Full Flavor and High Air filter style

Honoring our First Nation Heritage, Traditions is an authentically manufactured Native American cigarette. Traditions offers a smooth, rich blend of high quality 100% additive-free premium natural tobacco.

Island Blendz filtered cigars

Island Blendz

Natural  •   Menthol  •   Cherry  •   Smooth  •   Vanilla  •   Peach

Island Blendz filtered cigars offer a full-bodied smoke with a flavorsome note that produces a slightly sweet, yet smooth and creamy draw. Our flavored cigars are made using true cigar tobacco filler, quality paper, filters and tips and are offered in many vibrant flavors.